NCC Laguna presents:

Adult Spirituality Study

The Adult Spirituality Group meets the first Thursday of the month at 7PM in the Church library.

In January the Adult Spirituality Group began a series of studies from the Faith and Reason group from a number of well known presenters on a variety of topics. Each study will begin with a video presentation followed by group discussion. 

The Adult Spirituality group is continuing with the same Faith and Reason series that we have been using for the last three months.

Topics and dates are as follows:

June 2: How Did Jesus See Himself - Dr. John Dominic Crossan & Dr. Craig Evans

July 7: Is God Just? - Bishop John Spong & Dr. Forrest Harris

Previous topics:

January 7: The Nature of God –Dr. Martin Marty and Dr. Tex Sample

February 4: The Nature of Christ –Dr. Tex Sample and Dr Shug McBay

March 4: God, Jesus and Salvation –Dr. Tex Sample and Dr. Martin Marty

April 7: The Authority of the BIble -Dr. Tex Sample and Dr. Martin Marty

May 5: The Authority of the Bible - Dr. Tex Sample & Dr. Martin Marty

If you have any questions please contact Lynn Kentfield at (949) 363-0919.

Event Venue:

NCC Library

The NCC Library is a cozy meeting space just off of Bridge Hall (in the same building).  

340 St. Ann's Drive
Laguna Beach, CA 92651