Sanctuary Weddings

Imagine your wedding close to the Pacific Ocean, in a church with stained glass windows, sunlight streaming through the skylight, and ocean breezes. The beauty of our Sanctuary will surely be perfect for your special day.

Memorial Services

With the loss of a loved one, you can find a beautiful place for remembrance and reflection, grief and laughter, with a worship celebration in our church sanctuary or a reception across the way in Bridge Hall.

"Bridge Hall" Reception Rental

Bridge Hall is our large reception hall and meeting space located directly across the courtyard from our Sanctuary. Hardwood floors, stage, stained-glass windows and vaulted ceilings make this a stunning space for large gatherings.

Community (Come-Unity) Room

Our Come-Unity Room is just that:  a smaller, more intimate space for up to 20 persons. Perfect for small groups, retreats, clubs, and committee meetings.

Parking Lot

While we include 25 spots with every facility rental, our spacious parking lot is available as a separate rental for outside events taking place nearby.  If you would like to purchase extra passes for your rental at NCC, or parking spots

Storage Bin Rental

We have three large bins at the back of our parking lot available for rent.

Rent is $350 per month, based on a yearly contract.