NCC Laguna presents:

The Five Qualities of Great Compassion

We are very pleased and honored to be hosting Kyabgön Phakchok Rinpoche on June 4th at 7PM here in our Sanctuary at Neighborhood Church.Phakchok Rinpoche is a high religious leader and teacher in Tibetan Buddhism. He will be speaking about compassion, a topic of great interest for Christians and Buddhists alike. This will be a profound teaching and a great opportunity to be in the presence of a high teacher. Rinpoche’s teachings are direct, lively, and practical with a strong emphasis on the view of the Great Perfection, the uncontrived non-conceptual meditation of Mahamudra, the tireless implementation of the Bodhisattva’s conduct, and the Mahayana’s teachings on wisdom and compassion. 

This event is sponsored by NCC's Diaconate, and is FREE for all to attend!


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Event Venue:

NCC Sanctuary

Fully accessible, NCC's Sanctuary is the perfect place for worship and meditation, weddings, and other sacred gatheirngs.  NCC hosts a Wednesday morning Kirtan (Hindu chanting) and Sunday morning worship (Christian and inclusive) in the sanctuary.  Accessible parking is available on St. Ann's Drive, and additional free parking is available in the church parking lot at the corner of Cleo and Glenneyre.

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