02-09-16: Salt Light And The Call Of Justice


Scripture Reading: Isaiah 58:3-4, 6-10Matthew 5:13-20

Isaiah's crusade for justice combined with Jesus' exhortation to be salt and light sheds a unique perspective on the meaning of discipleship. Followers of Christ fulfill the law and the prophets when they answer Isaiah's call to justice-such is key to our connection with God. When the Israelites turned their back on justice and compassion, they lost their connection with God. When we feed the hungry, house the homeless, and break the yokes of injustice and oppression, our light breaks forth like the dawn and shines brightly upon the hill for all to see. Let's let our lives be salty and filled with Christ-like love and mercy. Let your light shine!

Yours on the journey, 

B. J. Beu