10-23-16: Trust & Humility


Scripture reading: Genesis 3:1-7Matthew 26:26-30, 69-75

Protestant congregations in the free church tradition are determined to govern themselves, and that is a fine thing. But it’s hard! For each congregation is different, with a different mix of people and a different kind of pastor. Neighborhood Church is passing through a long and difficult transition time. Today’s and next week’s sermons will attempt to address the very basic issue of trust in the congregation’s life. In our human relationships, and especially in the life of the church, trust is almost everything.

See you Sunday!


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Reverend Jeff Utter Reverend "During this time of pastoral transition, we welcome Reverend Jeff Utter, who will begin officiating Sunday services starting April 3. Rev. Dr. Jeff Utter has been a UCC minister since 1968, and in 1990 he was granted ministerial standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has enjoyed a varied career, having been the settled pastor of three UCC congregations, and the interim pastor of four UCC and five Disciples congregations."