10-25-15: Don't Stay Silent


Scripture: Mark 10:46-52

This week’s Gospel reading provides a wonderful avenue for reflection. Blind Bartimaeus calls out to Jesus for healing as the crowd tries to keep him quiet. But the more the crowd shushes him, the more Bartimaeus cries out for help. Jesus hears his cry and offers him the brass ring—anything he asks for. Not surprisingly, Bartimaeus asks for the return of his physical sight. What would we ask for: our sight returned, to see with God’s eyes, to have God’s salvation? What do we seek, and how well do we really see? Would we even have the courage to cry out for help in the first place? Christ calls each of us to speak our truth, confess our need, then open our eyes to the glorious possibilities God presents us with. See you Sunday.

Yours on the journey,


Pastor B.J.