3-08-15: The Road To Hell Is Paved


Scripture: Mark, 8:31-38

On the third Sunday in Lent, we witness Peter rebuke Jesus for speaking about the suffering and death that awaited him. Peter, who had just heard that he was the rock upon which Jesus would build his church, heard these words in response to his attempt to be the rock: “Get behind me Satan. You are not thinking God’s thoughts but human thoughts.” Being faithful is difficult. Being faithful and wise is harder still. It has long been said: “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Sunday we go one better: “The road to hell is paved.” It’s so easy to get there. Is alcohol your downfall? No problem, you can buy liquor 24/7. Are you addicted to pornography? No need to risk getting seen going into an adult store, just log onto the internet in the privacy of your home. Do you have a gambling addiction? There are lots of Payday places that will loan you money at an exorbitant interest. Yes, the road to hell is well paved by those who went before. What road will we travel? See you Sunday.

Yours on the journey,Pastor B.J.