3-15-22: Clearing Our Own Temples


Scripture: John 2:13-22

Jesus was not enraged by the money changes because of the fact that they were changing money from Roman coins to temple coins. No, Jesus was enraged because of where this exchange took place: on the temple grounds. With its strict prohibition against graven images, Jews could not bring coins bearing the Emperor’s likeness and titles into their temple to make offerings to God. The money-changing practice was necessary for temple life, the location was not. Those who changed money on temple grounds were able to do so through their political connections. It was a way for Jewish leaders to give a perk to their friends and hurt their adversaries. Yes, it’s comforting to realize that political corruption in our day is nothing new—it has a long and storied tradition. (Feel free to allow your hackles to rise here.) While I think we can all safely agree on the virtue of Jesus driving out the money changers from the temple grounds, I wonder if we have given any thought of our need to clear our own temple grounds from time to time? If our bodies are the temples of our spirit, and our spirits are the temple of God within us, how are we doing in keeping our own temples clear of corruption and abuse? Join us this Sunday for contemplation, Healing Touch, and fellowship, as we worship together. See you then.

Yours on the journey,

 Pastor B.J.