4-24-16: Climate Oneness


Scripture reading: John 15:1-10Revelation 8:6-13

Just as it would be silly, and even blasphemous, to celebrate the resurrection of Christ without seeing it in the context of his crucifixion, so we in 2016 can't let ourselves celebrate Earth Day without letting the dire situation of our planetary web of life come to the fore of our consciousness.   Our growing awareness of the climate crisis is God's way of making it clear that we have to take responsibility on a whole new level for the Garden of Eden which is our planet--humanity's only home.  In the divine providence, every crisis is also an opportunity.  Thank God--because we are up against it now in a way we have never been before.  The Bible is clear, for instance in the Book of Revelation that sinful human overreach can threaten the earth itself.  The Church has to take the lead in witnessing to the profound changes and sacrifices which must be made by all human beings if we are going to have any kind of future.

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Reverend Jeff Utter Reverend "During this time of pastoral transition, we welcome Reverend Jeff Utter, who will begin officiating Sunday services starting April 3. Rev. Dr. Jeff Utter has been a UCC minister since 1968, and in 1990 he was granted ministerial standing in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). He has enjoyed a varied career, having been the settled pastor of three UCC congregations, and the interim pastor of four UCC and five Disciples congregations."