6-21-15: We Sat Down and Wept


Scripture: Psalm 137:1-6

I have been so troubled by the events of last Wednesday at Charleston's Emanuel AME church, we changed our planned service for this week.

I have a confession: I don't like prayers of confession. I find them disempowering. When someone is told over and over again, "You are a wreck," he or she walks away feeling terrible. So generally I prefer to never do them.But today, we need to confess that we are not where we think we are, as a people and as a nation."By the Rivers of Babylon, there we sat, and we wept."I don't know whether I could forgive, the way those families have forgiven Dylann Roof.We are given an opportunity to realize we need to go further. We have a long way to go, to heal the woundedness in our hearts. On this day of Healing Touch service, let us say a prayer of confession, together.