LA KIDS - Gary Graduates High School!

Jen Hutchinson and Chris Boucher, with the financial and spiritual support of NCC, are proud to announce the graduation of Gary Bundley from Diego Rivera School in South Central Los Angeles. Jen and Chris have been working with Gary and an extended family of approximately 19 children, aka the LA Kids, for almost 10 years, providing them with mentorship, financial support for trips to camp, summer vacations with Jen’s family, sports equipment, and with computers and tutoring.

A large percentage of African-American males do not graduate from high school. Many of them are sidelined to gangs and failing schools. Jen and Chris want to share this miracle with the NCC family, and thank you for your support, as so many of you have taken this journey with us, and the LA Kids.

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Jen Hutchinson Moderator 2014 "I'm a fourth generation Californian. I live and work as a Social Entrepreneur in Laguna Beach, CA., with my husband and fellow NCC Member, Chris and our Chihuahua, "Chucha.""