The More Project - Karolina

"My Dream is to be a Doctor and a Veterinary" - Karolina

The More Project - Items Needed for Donation

On Palm Sunday, March 29, we will be collecting gently used clothing donations during our service, which will be taken by NCC member Charlotte Wolfe when she travels to Brazil in April as a volunteer for the More Project.  

List of Needed Items:

  • underwear (girls & boys preschool)
  • socks:  preschool size
  • school supplies (crayons, pencils)
  • pacifiers
  • shorts (preschool)
  • baby blankets
  • crib sheets
  • baby combs
  • baby hair brushes
  • hygiene kits for young adults
  • wash cloths
  • small hand towels
  • deodorant
  • tampons
  • tooth paste (no toothbrushes)
  • dental floss
  • hair brushes
  • combs
  • hair clips and elastic ties
  • sanitizers (box of wipes)

Message from Charlotte:

I seem like a brave person but really I'm not and the idea of traveling to Brazil alone to be part of a mission with the MORE Project is clearly out of my comfort zone.  My heart is dragging me to see for myself the young girl I have been sponsoring for over a year.  

Karolina Santos is eight and lives in the slums outside Rio de Janeiro. The slums, called favelas, have a reputation as one of the most dangerous places in the world. However, the truth is that these communities are also warm and lively, and in recent years social projects such as the More project have been successful in providing daycare, meals, music, and a safe haven for the children.  

It's an overwhelming idea that I can actually make a difference in this ocean of poverty. I hope to bring with me contributions from our wonderful church both monetary and essential items for daily living.

Bless the day with your presence.


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