Presenting the 2016 Leadership Team for NCC

Please note this is our first year usage of new Ministry components with new names. There is not a one-to-one match for the new ministries to old ministry names. There will be overlap. The four ministry areas are In Reach, Out Reach, Worship and Christian Education. This will be a work in progress and we look forward to fleshing these details out over the next year.

Moderator - Phil Garrison

Vice Moderator - Todd Brooks/Peter Griffith

InReach Minister - Sharon Garrison (this will be inclusive of the old Fellowship and membership committees)

OutReach Minister - Susan Brown (this will be inclusive of the JOY, now chaired by Charlotte Wolfe, and community and new member things)

Worship Ministry - Sharon McNair (inclusive of Deacons and music)

Christian Education Ministry - Lynn Kentfield

Church Clerk - Cathie Kentfield

Church Historian - Marge Koss/Anne Polkingharn


Chair - Jeff Amos

Treasurer - June Budd

Secretary - Peter Griffith

Adrian Kuyper

Roger Sloan/ Bill Parker

Sally Barron

Connie Licausi

Author of this post

Jeff Amos Chair, NCC Trustees