Recycling Results - A Story of JOY

Two years ago the JOY Ministry (Justice Outreach and You) Ministry placed a green recycling bin on the church patio.  In that time we have raised almost $300, which pays shipping costs for a box of school supplies to a third grade glass at Mtonda Primary School in Mangochi, Malawi.  Each 15 pound box costs $86.25 to ship.  The teacher, Upile Mijoga, is 24 years old and earns $150 a month to teach a class of over 50 students.  Several months ago she was teaching outdoors under a tree because there was no room in the school.

Currently we are able to send 2 or 3 boxes a year. 

It is our hope that donations of recyclables will increase so that we can not only meet their needs, but their wants.  During the chilly winter months, some children stay home by the fire to keep warm.  Hopefully the children would not have to interrupt their education if they had sweaters.  We can just imagine their faces when they open a box full of warm sweaters.  Springtime is planting time.  A boxful of seeds and gardening supplies would be so helpful.  How about a boxful of flip-flops?

Dropping off recyclables at the church is not alway convenient.  Rather than leaving your plastic water and soda bottles and aluminum cans at the curb to be picked up by Waste Management, you can take then to a local recycling center and donate the cash.

How you can help us:

Please join JOY in our effort to make a difference in Malawi.  We are looking for youth volunteers to help with recycling.  Earn hours for community service as well as enrich students' lives in Malawi.

The JOY Ministry meets the first Sunday of each month in the library following Sunday service.  All are welcome to join us and find out more!

Thank you!

(For more photos of the schoolchildren receiving their supplies, please visit our Facebook page)