Reverend BJ Beu Departs Neighborhood Church

Dear NCC Members and Friends,

Our church has seen many changes over the years. In terms of leadership, we have also seen our church shepherds come and go as our congregation has changed over the years. We are going through one of those changes now. Our pastor for the last 7 years, Rev. BJ Beu, will be departing NCC at the end of March. Pastor BJ has been wonderful at creating a weekly worship service that is warm and inclusive. His insightful statements and sermons have been an inspiration to our congregants and many in the local community for these several years. Rev. BJ will be officiating Sunday services for the rest of March including Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. Then he will begin his three month sabbatical period. We would like to invite you all to a special Thank You Celebration of BJ's ministry here at Neighborhood Church following service on Easter Sunday. 

The UCC denomination has a long history of assisting churches during a pastoral transition. We will be following their expertise and guidance in this time. Pastor BJ and Rev. Felix have recommended that Rev. Jeff Utter will begin officiating Sunday services starting April 3 during the official period of B.J.'s three month sabbatical. BJ will not be returning to NCC after his sabbatical and instead he will focus on new opportunities as well as some personal health issues. We invite prayer and continued support for BJ as he begins his new path. 

Here at NCC, we will immediately form an interim pastoral search committee comprised of volunteer congregants to this activity. Starting in early April we will begin the procedures outlined by UCC in creating the official Pastoral search committee also comprised of volunteers. The entire congregation will be invited to participate in exercises determining the pastoral needs of the church given our current sizing, spiritual needs and financial resources. Leadership change such as this can be difficult and troubling to all of us. But on a positive note, it can also open us to new opportunities and new avenues for growth. 

Now more than ever it is time for each of us as members to reach out to newer members and visitors to share our commitment to one another as a church in the larger body of Christ. Our leadership feels this is a work in progress, open to all, and details will be appropriately shared as they develop. We especially look for members input, active participation and diligent prayers for guidance in keeping us all together as a church family. Our motto must be lived now more than ever, 'no matter where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.' God Bless.

Thank you,

Jeff Amos

Chair, NCC Trustees

Author of this post

Jeff Amos Chair, NCC Trustees