10-22-17: Standing on The Side of Love


This Sunday, we will conclude our Progressive Christianity sermon series with one word that summarizes the spirit and substance of the last two months - LOVE!! The prophet Micah, long before the days of Jesus, delivered a simple, yet profound summary of our faith. Jesus put it into action! When others question or wonder about who we are, what we are all about, and why we face the world, we have the simplicity of scriptures like Micah 6:8, providing a foundation for dialogue, wonder, and change!  God is doing a marvelous thing in our midst. She gave us the life and times of Jesus, showing all how to live and work in these uncertain times.  Her Spirit moves us, as progressive Christians, to stand on the side of love!

Author of this post

Reverend Rodrick Echols Pastor "Reverend (Rod)rick Echols is originally from Memphis, graduated from Brown University, and holds a Master of Divinity from Boston University. In his professional life, he has held development roles with several prominent institutions, including UC San Diego, Brown University, United Way, and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. His specialties include pastoral care, leadership development, communication, fundraising, and counseling. Reverend Rod has served in various capacities in a number of churches, including Youth Pastor, Interim Minister, and most recently Pastor of Congregational Development before joining us here at NCC! His faith is strong. He listens and communicates well. He is a quality preacher and brings a passion for social justice. He also seeks to provide space for young people to gather and connect. Rev. Rod is a young, spirited pastor who speaks from the heart."