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Susan Brown

Out-Reach Ministry Director “Neighborhood Congregational Church’s Outreach Program is continuously seeking ways to provide support to our local community the broader community and the world. Of particular focus is the interfaith community, to whom we extend our warm welcome! I see us all as one beautiful tapestry, one which is better together. We stand for equal justice for all, and provide for those in need. The JOY Committee, one of many groups that make up NCC’s Outreach Ministry, is made up of a diverse group of people who are dedicated to service around the globe. This is just a little bit of why I love our Church. I was first attracted to NCC for its openness and creative spirit. My initial involvement with the church was the creation of our Art Committee. I served as a consultant Chair for the beautification of our Church and facility grounds with a group of visionary individuals. I believe I was born gifted as an artist. I have been involved professionally in the fine arts for over four decades. One life changing experience in my long art adventure was that I attended a residency art conservation program in Florence, Italy and served as a member of the millennial restoration project of the Alter wall mural of Michelangelo's famous Sistine Chapel. I have worked in Laguna in my own studio restoring paintings for 18 years. It is a meditation art experience for me. Creativity and repair is a passion. Through the NCC Outreach Ministry, and in partnership with fellow NCC Family Member, Terrell Anansi, I have been able to further serve the Laguna Beach artist community with our most recent initiative, Collective 340. We mentor or combine creative individuals to explore the light of artistic expression of spirit. NCC provides Collective 340 with a beautiful venue space, known in our community as Bridge Hall, and the management structure to support expansion of the artist, dancer, singer, musician and/or poet. Collective 340 aims to help a variety of artists expand personally and professionally by providing an opportunity to work within a safe and nurturing collective experience, creating together.”