Ideas / Sermons
11-26-17: Sharing Our Gifts

This Sunday, we will conclude our stewardship series on generosity with a reminder about the importance of sharing our gifts, in all of their many forms! NCC needs your time, your talents, and your treasure.

11-12-17: Generous Giving

Last Sunday, we celebrated the men and women creating pathways for our growth, maturation, and hope in life; we remembered the saints past and present! In a real sense, we are ALL saints!

11-15-17: Generosity Works

November signals the start of our stewardship month here at Neighborhood Congregational Church!  Do you love NCC?  We are invited to offer our time, talent, and treasure in service to our beautiful, loving church.  Let's all get involv

10-29-17: Tough Love

My brothers and sisters, this weekend, we have the opportunity to share in some fun and excitement for our church.  It's our Halloween Sunday worship service!

10-15-17: Peace and Justice for All

This Sunday we focus on the justice and peace aspects of our progressive faith. Jesus points our hands and feet in the direction of the "least of these," all who need compassion, hope, and promise for their lives.