Ideas / Sermons
10-8-17: Living The Questions

This weekend, we continue our journey through the Progressive Christianity series, and our focus is more than timely given recent events!  Questions abound, do they not?  I am referring to questions about keys to a prosperous life, questions

9-24-17: A Pilgrim State of Mind

My friends, our Progressive Christianity series is off to both a refreshing and illuminating start! When we consider them, the past two weeks have challenged us intellectually, emotionally, and of course, religiously!

9-17-17: We Are Not Alone

Did you know there's a group of folks who identify as Jewish Christians? How about Buddhist Christians?  And of course Buddhist?  Our Muslim brothers and sisters? There are too many faiths and perspectives to name here.

9-10-17: An Old Story for A New Time

This Sunday, we kick-off our sermon series, "What is Progressive Christianity? Inquire Within!" with a full embrace of our Christian heritage, remembering and reaffirming the life and teachings of Jesus and their importance to us.

8-27-17: Working Together in Love

This Sunday, we will take a look at the Book of Romans.  Are you using those gifts that the Holy One has given to you?  My prayer is that you will make yourself available to be a difference-maker as She has gifted you.

8-20-17: Amazing Grace

This Sunday, we will happily rest in the assurance of God's amazing grace, available once and for all!  The Prophet Isaiah was speaking to a people in transition, similar to most, if not all of us.  Let's gather to remember the dream: all th